Are there any live plants or tank mates in your aquarium? If so, what species?

Live plants include water wisteria, water sprite, brazilian pennywort, amazon sword, echinodorus tenellus, anubias, and java fern. No tank mates yet, just a betta.

Please add any other details about your aquarium, we love ’em all! E.g tank manufacturer, filter type, heater type, etc.

The tank is a 20 gallon long manufactured by Aqueon that I bought at a $/gallon sale. The filter is an Aquaclear Style 30 Power Filter (which is baffled) and the heater is a 100 watt ViaAqua Quartz. The lighting is a Finnex Planted+ and the substrate is CaribSea Eco Complete. I don’t have CO2 on the tank yet unfortunately but I will be getting it soon. The sand is actually play sand that I bought at Home Depot for a very very low price!