By Jerod Gardner

Are there any live plants or tank mates in your aquarium? If so, what species?

All artificial plants, except for 3 Marimo balls. His tank mates are three tetras and a snail named Molly

Please add any other details about your aquarium, we love ’em all! E.g tank manufacturer, filter type, heater type, etc.

The initial reason I purchased a Betta was that I wanted to have a pet that was easy to take care of. Creating this tank, I wanted the same deal. All the plants are artificial, but will look real if used correctly. The rocks are from a field near my house. The driftwood, easily the centerpiece of this tank, is actually two similar pieces from the reptile department puzzled together to look like one whole. It took about a month for it to quit leaching tannins which make the water brown, but it was well worth the wait. I’m very happy with my tank and glad I took my time building it.


The betta was originally in bowl (image shown below) but got upgraded to a 20-gallon aquarium!