Are there any live plants or tank mates in your aquarium? If so, what species?

There is one Anubis but it’s not doing very well 🙁

Please add any other details about your aquarium, we love ’em all! E.g tank manufacturer, filter type, heater type, etc.

It’s a Fluval Spec which I love. The heater is a Marina 10w which keeps it at a steady 74 degrees. I may get a 25w to keep it a little warmer – thoughts? I have black river stones instead of gravel; I feel they are easier to vacuum than the gravel. I’ve heard the filter on the Specs can be a little strong but Sheldon seems to like swimming up to it and riding the wave back. Sheldon’s tank mate is a mystery snail, Leonard, who is careful not to sit in Sheldon’s spot ?