Are there any live plants or tank mates in your aquarium? If so, what species?

Fern on wood, Java fern planted ,Egeria densa ,Cabomba, LUDWIGIA Echinodorus Aquartica (green spade leaf) WATER WISTERIA INDIAN FERN and others!

Details About The Aquarium

“Fish R Fun” 54 Litre aquarium
External built in filter AA (FB 055)

Tank is stocked with one male mustard gas (possible marble) Betta, Four Glowlight Tetra’s, Four Oto’s, 6 Malaysian Trumpet Snails and a Black “Lava” trumpet/rabbit snail!

300W fully submergible heater with an additional protective casing.
Fine black gravel and regular white gravel the tank has been set up since the 1/03/2016 and was dosed with Fluval bacterial enhancer for one whole month.