It’s hard to believe a month has passed since our very first monthly betta roundup, but here we are, it’s August already!

We’ve got plenty of great content to share again, so let’s get started.


Each month we’ll be checking Twitter and Instagram for anything tagged with #bettaboxx. If you’ve got any photos or tweets that you want us to share, tag them and we’ll consider them for the roundup. We also reshare particularly good photos on our social accounts.

Here’s a feeding photo we love from @peringuin, the header shot it also one of hers!

A photo posted by Erin (@peringuin) on

Betta Art

Bettas are definitely the kind of creature to inspire creativity and that has been made even more evident by the range of amazing betta-related arts and crafts we’ve seen over the last month.

Betta sculptures

These fantastic betta sculptures are made out of polymer clay and painted with acrylic. If you want to buy one, you can order custom replicas here.

I thought this community might appreciate some of these betta fish sculptures I’ve done over the past year. from bettafish

Betta tattoos

Betta fish make for wonderful tattoos, here are a couple of great-looking ones that we come across last month:

Pixel portrait

This awesome pixel portrait was posted on Reddit by u/jocoseshrubbery.


Betta illustrations

Every illustrator has their own style for capturing and displaying their art work, and we love to see how this gets applied to bettas. Here are some cool betta illustrations we’ve seen recently, from @hunter_thebettafish, @kingdvl and @tallandartsy

Bettaboxx Mug

We also put out our first illustration to celebrate 100 betta profile submissions to the site. We’re getting another 3 mugs printed to giveaway as prizes. You can read more about it in this post, but here’s a quick look at the illustration:


Betta bookmark

Last but not least we have this brilliant betta bookmark from @ashleynatureartist on Instagram.


Other cool and useful links

First of all, a shout out to our friends at who have just launched a site dedicated to bettas. Check it out for some useful info on betta care.

Here’s a quick look at some of the other content form around the web that we found useful and interesting recently.

Travelling with a betta

This isn’t the kind of thing you think of until it comes up, but we thought this was a useful Reddit post to consider: taking a betta on a long journey when you relocate. Some great response in there from u/how_fedorable, u/lobsterdawg and u/i_didnt_see_anything

Feeding & caring for your betta while on vacation

Again, this is something you may not think of until the first time it happens, but we really enjoyed this article from Aquaridise about caring for your fish when you go on holiday.

See an aquascape set up in 90 seconds!

Judging by some of our followers’ photos on Instagram, we know that plenty of you will appreciate this aquascaping video from BucePlant, an aquascaping store and blog.

The video is a 90 second time lapse of an aquascape set up and includes some handy tips!

Just for fun

A backpack that looks like a betta. It’s grumpy of course!