Deep Red Rose Tail Male

How did you choose the name for your betta?

I had my Betta Spartacus for 2 yrs. He passed the other day. He was amazing. I was going to my LFS to grab some live plants and before I left I went to feed him 2 omega one betta buffet pellets and he had just passed. I was SO sad. He is marked lovingly in the yard.

So, now I had to find a new betta in addition to the live plants…and boy did I hit the jackpot! Spartacus was a double veil, and Dante is a rose tail. As soon as I showed him to my wife, it was a done deal! He is red, loves to flare with his tankmates (4 huge ghost shrimp), and he has an amazing playful and sometimes devious personality. We named him Dante yesterday. He is already coming to me, eats from my hand and is so funny with the ghost shrimp. One ghost jumped/dropped onto his back today and they went for a ride!!! So happy. We miss our sparty but Dante is quite the eyecatcher in my tank.