Halfmoon, Blue/Grey, Male

How did you choose the name for your betta?

It’s quite unusual how we got the name for this fish. This fish is actually named Gordon mark 2 but I’ll explain how mark 1 got his name. I was living in Thailand and one day I decided to go to a local betta fish store to buy a betta fish as a companion for my apartment. On the way back from I bumped into a Thai man with a dog. To have a short friendly conversation, I asked what the name of his dog was and I thought he said ‘Gordon’. What he was actually saying was that his dog was ‘Golden’ as in, he was saying the dog’s breed was Golden Retriever (I don’t think he quite understood my question) – the dog wasn’t named ‘Gordon’. Either way, the occurrence made me launch so I decided to name my new betta fish Gordon.

Is there a story behind your betta – when were you first united?

As mentioned above, this betta is an ode to a previous betta I had when I was living in Thailand. I couldn’t bring the one I had in Thailand home to the UK and I ended up giving him to a friend of mine in Thailand. I spoke to my brother about how much I loved looking after my betta in Thailand, so come next Christmas he bought Gordon for me as a gift.

What makes your betta special to you?

He was a gift to me and he’s also a nice reminder of my time in Thailand and the betta fish I had in Thailand.