Thank You

As a thank you to those of you that have submitted a betta profile to our website since it launched, we’ve created this betta design and had the first draft printed on a mug.

We’ll be getting another 3 mugs printed to give away as prizes to submitters (we’d love to get one printed for every one of you, but it would be too expensive!). You can see the competition details below.

betta mug shot 2

The profiles you submit really help with our mission: to spread the word about how brilliant bettas are as pets, and to share information about how to care for them properly.

The more examples we can share of healthy bettas and great betta aquariums, the better.

For those of you that haven’t submitted a profile so far and would like to get involved with the site, you can submit a profile here.

As the site grows we’ll be doing more stuff like this to say thank you to everyone that’s gotten involved.

The Mug Design & Competition

The design contains the names of all the bettas that have been submitted to our site since it launched in March. There are so many great names – betta names really are some of the most unique pet names! – and we’ve enjoyed creating the profile for each and every one.

If you’ve submitted a betta profile (before 26/07/2016), please confirm your email address and betta’s name here for the mug giveaway. We’ll pick 3 winners at random and announce them a week from now, and then send the mugs shortly after.


The mug is a hand drawn digital illustration so it’s possible that we have made a mistake with names. We’ve checked carefully ourselves, but if you could also check your betta’s name in the design for typos and let us know if you spot one.

Future Competitions

For those of you that have submitted an aquarium profile, we haven’t forgotten about you and will be doing a design/giveaway for that once we have some more submissions.

We’ll also do some more general giveaways for our social media followers, because besides the photo and profile submissions, we’ve had plenty of great feedback and would like to say thank you to everyone!

We’ve really enjoyed talking to you all, hearing about your bettas and listening to your feedback about the site. We’re really looking forward to doing more designs and giveaways in the coming months.

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If you’ve got any feedback it would be great if you could comment on this post, send us an email, or even better tell us about your betta