Half moon sometimes green sometimes blue he’s like a chameleon.

How did you choose the name for your betta?

I love the New York Yankees so Jeter is for Derek Jeter and Jackson is for Reggie Jackson. (JJ for short)

Is there a story behind your betta – when were you first united?

He picked me at als aquarium store. Was going crazy in his cup trying to get my attention!!!

What makes your betta special to you?

His colour is so amazing. In different lights he looks different colours. Green blue. Loves to sit on his Indian almond leaf. Loves getting his photos taken too! It’s like he is constantly saying “look at me! “

Is there anything else you would like to add about your betta?

Look forward to watching many Yankee games
With him! Just like my departed betta Goldie. (see him here in the gone but not forgotten section)