Super Delta, red with a bit of shine and clear tip fins, Male

How did you choose the name for your betta?

I was very unsure of what to name him but after noticing the shiny definition that he has under the right light and that it looked slightly gold I immediately thought of one of the boss from my favorite game dark souls. I wanted to theme him with my cat whose name is Loki but i don’t think i would have found a good name to fit for him.

Is there a story behind your betta – when were you first united?

One of my friends has three tanks and multiple betta, and it reminded me of when i was a kid when i first had betta fish. He brought me to the store that he goes to get fish because he needed stuff and as i looked around i saw him in a tank with some Rose line sharks and he really stood out to me. he didn’t go home with me that day because i was overwhelmed and haven’t had a fish for years and didn’t know how to start everything. A few day s later I had to go back and get him and now he lives happily in a 10 gallon by himself right now as I get accommodated with how to run the aquarium. then he may get some friends.