We’ve decided to start rounding up our favourite betta and betta-related content every month, starting with June. This will include funny, interesting and useful content that we’ve come across, both old and new, throughout the month, plus some of the content we’ve had submitted to the site.

If you want us to consider any of your photos or content for future roundups, add #bettaboxx to it on social media to give it extra visibility – we’ll check that hashtag when we create the next roundup.

Betta Photos

We’ve had loads of great photos shared with us this month. Thanks to those of you that have submitted a profile, and thanks to those of you that have followed and chatted to us on Twitter and Instagram.

We’re almost at 100 betta profiles now. We’ll be doing something special to celebrate when we get there, so if you haven’t already submitted your betta, please do!

Naranja (Meep for short)

Naranja was an Aquabid purchase. You can see his full profile here.

The contrast of orange to blue is fantastic and the black outline around his fins makes them even more striking.



Pax is another betta with beautiful finnage. He’s a red and teal double tail. There’s a great story behind him as well which you can read on his profile page.



Fabio does have a profile here but we thought we’d share this awesome photo that @inky1980 sent us on Instagram of him emerging from his Batman cup.

A photo posted by Albert (@inky1980) on


@bettadew tried to capture a sneaky photo of Moby while he wasn’t looking, but, as we all know, it’s hard to trick a betta! 

A photo posted by BettaDew (@bettadew) on

Mother of Sharks

If you love betta photos you should go and follow @motherofsharks on Instagram right now.

She shares beautiful photos of her bettas, aquascapes, her green spotted puffer fish and more. Check out one of her stunning aquascapes below!

A photo posted by @motherofsharks on

Betta artwork & illustrations

We’re absolute suckers for any kind of creative work that includes bettas. Here are a few nice pieces we’ve come across this month:

Close up of a betta by @heidistavingastudio

We’ve already shared Heidi’s art work in one of our past email newsletters, but it definitely deserves a spot in our first roundup pos as well. We love the style, it’s a perfect match for betta fish and their bubble-blowing antics. Follow her here on Instagram and check out her Etsy store here.

Betta water colour illustrations by Lore Obrejea

We first discovered Lore’s illustrations on Twitter. The combination of water colour and ink makes for a striking image.

You can follow her here on Twitter or make a purchase from her Etsy store here. Lore takes commissions, so you could even get your own betta painted.

There’s also an interview with here on Borrowed Shoe Blog if you want to know a bit more about her.

lore betta illustration

You are prettier than a rainbow made of gourmet jelly beans

We discovered the illustration below by The Latest Kate on Reddit. Our favourite part of this one (apart from the caption) is the detail around the fins. Their smoothness goes nicely with the betta’s smile to give him a soft, friendly appearance.

You can checkout Kate’s shop here or follow her here on Instagram.


Food or bubble? A comic about Puddle the betta

This comic by Kayla Bonney made us laugh a lot. No doubt this is a conversation that all male bettas have with themselves at some point!

You can see more of Kayla’s comics on her Tumblr, Fail Forwards, or follow her here on Twitter.

fail forwards betta comic

Other cool content

While bettas are our main interest, we also like pretty much anything to do with fish, aquatics, animals and nature, so you’ll find some non-betta posts on our social accounts and in our roundups, although it’ll mainly be fish-related.

Goliath Tigerfish

This month we’ve enjoyed watching some River Monsters. We also came across this old photo below of Jeremy Wade with a Goliath Tigerfish, and then read the accompanying article called The Reality Of River Monsters.

It’s a short but interesting read and includes a video of Jeremy catching the Tigerfish. The video link in the article doesn’t work, but you can watch it here.


‘Bet – ta’, not ‘Bay-tuh’

As much as we dislike the conditions in which PetCo stock bettas, and the ridiculous ‘betta products’ that they sell (see this), we did find this Tweet funny about the difference between how people pronounce the word betta.

Betta postage stamps

This tweet we put out about Thai postage stamps with bettas on them was popular so we thought we’d give it another share here.

Study shows fish can recognise human faces

As betta fans you didn’t need a study to tell you this; we all knew already that our bettas can recognise us. But it’s still interesting to see it backed up by science. Read the article here.

Thanks to @dorbegirl for sending this one to us on Twitter.

Simple PSA for keeping a betta fish

This is an oldie but a goodie and gave us a good chuckle when we found it this month. Someone needs to send it to the guy that thinks it’s OK to keep a betta fish in a masonry jar. We’re not going to link to the site, but you can find the post in Reddit’s top posts for the month if you want to see the perfect example of how not to keep a betta.