Blue and red Halfmoon male

How did you choose the name for your betta?

We couldn’t decide on one so I posted on Reddit. One of the suggestions was Achilles and while that didn’t got it reminded us of Paris from the same story.

Is there a story behind your betta – when were you first united?

Not really. I had just gotten a ten gallon and the betta I already had, Dodge, wouldn’t play nice and was tearing out his own fins. So Dodge went back to his little tank and we took a trip to the pet store. As I was picking up and looking at the bettas my boyfriend picked out Paris and said ‘let’s get this one! He’s got some serious fin floof’.

What makes your betta special to you?

Paris is huge. As in body wise almost the size of a long betta. And he started out this crazy mottled white and blue body with big red tail splotches and had turned into what he is today! He is also a total ham and allows pettings across his body. Also if you don’t drop his good fast enough he’ll jump and bite you. I bet if his mouth was big enough hed latch on!

Is there anything else you would like to add about your betta?

Paris has room mates of snails, shrimps, and corydoras. And while he doesn’t share food he breaks the mold of ‘aggressive betta’.