Double Tail, Red and Teal, Male

How did you choose the name for your betta?

My girlfriend and I read book series together, and Pax is a pivotal character throughout the series. In fact, all of the fish in his tank are named after characters from the book series.

Is there a story behind your betta – when were you first united?

I’ve always kept fish whenever I’ve been able to, and after not having a tank for close to a year, the Petco dollar per gallon sale along with some convincing from my SO had me setting up a 20 gallon tank in my dining room. After a cycle, we found Pax at the same Petco among lots of other pretty bettas. We picked him out, then set him down again next to the other bettas in a marked spot in order to go grab a couple of other things in the store, and we’d come back for him when we’d gotten our other items. However, when we returned, he was gone! We saw him in someone’s basket- a girl that we had seen looking at bettas earlier. Defeated, we started looking at other fish, and then we noticed when she passed by again, her basket was empty! So, we looked high and low among all the other bettas for our little guy and found him! We promptly took him to the counter, and brought him home.

What makes your betta special to you?

My SO, Bonnie, and I have lots of other pets, but Pax is special because he kicked off a very enjoyable hobby for the both of us. She had never kept fish before, and I go way overboard with my fish keeping. After setting up Pax’s 20 gallon planted tank and getting him some community buddies he could get along with, we wanted something else. Bonnie dove head first into the fish hobby. So now, in addition to our 20 gallon, we have a massive 4 foot long 75 gallon in our living room that’s being stocked with Lake Tanganyika cichlids. The aquarium hobby has us sending fish articles and pictures back and forth all day. The amount of research and studying we’ve done in order to find the perfect environment for our fish buddies seriously had us occupied for hours a day. She’s probably worse than I am now! But that’s about all we do every day. We look at fish on reddit and other forums, we study about different species, and we continue planning future tanks, even though we haven’t fully stocked the first two! Pax was the beginning of all of that. I think because he’s such a lively, enjoyable fish to watch, she got hooked on the hobby and it’s brought us closer together. Setting up his environment, and finally getting him and watching him grow has started us on a very enjoyable hobby that we can participate in together, and that’s what makes him special to me.