How did you choose the name for your betta?

Well sadly i’m awful with names for fish! So he doesn’t have a name yet. I just got him today so hopefully a name will spring to mind eventually 🙂

Is there a story behind your betta – when were you first united?

I was initially looking for a Betta and had glanced at him the day before, so I went in the next day and seen him in the store, and its almost like he chose me. He came right to the front of his tank to see me whilst the other Betta’s didn’t seem too bothered, he follows my finger around and seems really friendly. Now that he’s in this 52L he has a ton of space and hasn’t even bothered about the school of Glowlight tetra’s.

What makes your betta special to you?

He’s a little roughed up by the looks of it, probably from pet shop stress. But I know he is a gorgeous Betta and I just need to get his colors out and get him healthy and happy 🙂