Blue, maroon, white / male, butterfly

How did you choose the name for your betta?

I wanted a name that went along with his seemingly unlimited energy. I thought of him zig-zagging around and Ziggy just came to mind. I think it’s a cute name and fits him well 🙂

Is there a story behind your betta – when were you first united?

My husband and I went to Petco to look for a new betta for the new 5.5 gallon tank I had gotten. We noticed him in his little cup immediately as he was the only one dancing around like a mad man. I picked him up to look at him, and noticed he had a few bumps on his head, near his gills that I’d never seen on a betta before. I was worried it was some kind of illness, and being a butterfly betta, he was more expensive than bettas I’ve had in the past. So I was worried that if he was sick now, he might not make it that long. I reluctantly put him back down, but he kept on wiggling around to get our attention. I picked up another betta, and he instantly stopped swimming around and actually looked sad 🙁 I put the other betta back down and he started dancing again! We knew there was no way we could leave him. So we took him home that day, and I haven’t seen him stop swimming since! He’s such a happy little guy and swims to the front of the tank as soon as he sees you walk in the room. I’ve never had such an energetic betta! We love him 🙂

What makes your betta special to you?

I absolutely love how much energy he has! He’s so cute, and his beautiful fins are always fluffed out. He instantly gets excited when he sees you and swims right to the front of the tank. This is the first time I’ve had a 5.5 gallon tank, and I’m really enjoying taking care of it and decorating it, and Ziggy seems to absolutely love it! I knew he couldn’t wait to get out of his little Petco cup, so I’m happy he has a nice home to live in now.

Is there anything else you would like to add about your betta?

We just love him! He has such a cute personality