About Bettaboxx

Who created Bettaboxx?

Bettaboxx is created and operated by two brothers, Chris and Ben. We’ll be adding a bit more about ourselves soon. You’ll also see our betta, Naan, mentioned throughout the site.

If you submit feedback, email us, comment on the site, or start a live chat (bottom left), you’ll be talking to one of us.

We want to build Bettaboxx with the community involved from the beginning, so we’d love it if you’d take the time to read this page and chat to us with any feedback you have about the site.

Why did we create Bettaboxx?

01. The Community

Firstly, the community. Betta owners are some of the most passionate pet owners around and we know it will be a great experience talking to you guys on a daily basis.

This quote from Reddit user /u/Bob-BS sums up why we love the idea of building a betta community:

“I never realized how fulfilling it would be to have a betta fish. When I wake up in the morning he gets so excited, swims over to me and starts doing loops and dancing. I love this little guy!”

02. Bettas deserve better.

When browsing the web in the past, we’ve noticed that there aren’t many well-designed betta sites. Existing sites are either full of adverts, don’t have many photos, or they don’t look good on mobile devices.
A big part of having a betta is the visual experience. They are one of the most beautiful species in nature. We wanted to create a website that represents this: lots of colours, lots of nice looking bettas.
We’ve set out to create a great betta resource, free of ads, where people can share photos, thoughts and knowledge about bettas.

03. Stuff for owners

Finally, we think that we’ve got some great ideas for website features that betta owners will find useful.

We know that these ideas will turn out to be much better if we ask betta fans and owners for their feedback along the way.

We’ll have more info on this soon, but rest assured we’ll be in touch to see what you think about the ideas that we have.

If you have any of your own ideas to suggest, you can submit them here.

What’s the name about?

We liked the idea of ‘Betta Box’, but it was taken. A nice big betta tank is like a glass box, in a way. Why have a bowl, when you can have a box?

The word box is also a little too close to ‘boxing’, and we certainly don’t want people to think we’ve made a site about betta boxing. That wouldn’t be cool. So we added an x, and now we have Bettaboxx.

How you can help

If you’d like to help shape Bettaboxx, we’d love to hear your feedback about anything to do with the site; design, usability, content; you name it. Contact us through the site or interact with us on social media.

We’d also love it if you help us spread the word about Bettaboxx, comment on our content, send us photos, and tell us about your betta!

If you’d like to stay up to date with any updates on the site and latest blog posts, sign up for our newsletter here.