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Bettaboxx now offers two levels of membership to help you learn more about betta keeping.

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What's included with free membership?

Our free membership includes access to our photo guide on betta illness — this helps you to diagnose the illness if your betta is sick.

It also includes access to our photo guide with betta tank decoration ideas.

As a member we will keep you updated via email about changes to the site.

We'll let you know when we add new content and features for members, when we launch new giveaway competitions, and when we have anything interesting to share about bettas. You can expect to hear from us every few months.

What's included with premium membership?

Premium membership gives you access to our video series on how to set up a betta tank and care for your betta.

By signing up for a premium membership, you'll help us to continue creating videos and articles that help people to properly look after their bettas.

How much does premium membership cost?

Premium membership is a one-off payment of $20.

This includes access to any additional members-only content we add in the future.

14 day money back guarantee

If you sign up for premium membership but decide it's not for you, get in touch with us within 14 days and we will refund your membership.

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What the video series includes

Our video series includes 9 professionally filmed and edited videos that show you how to set up a betta tank from start to finish, and how to take care of your betta.

The individual videos included within the series will teach you:

The benefits of learning to set up your aquarium properly

Learning to set up a tank properly is a fun and rewarding process.

It will create a happier life for your betta, and will save you time in the long run.

It's better to create a healthy home for your betta to begin with than to troubleshoot illness issues caused by inadequate conditions.

To summarise, learning to set up your aquarium properly will:

Why did we create this video series?

We often run into misconceptions about the conditions a betta can be kept in.

And many of the questions we get asked about illness are the result of a betta being kept in inadequate conditions.

We felt the best way to combat this was to create a guide that shows people how to set up a betta tank from start to finish.

Is this membership For beginners or experienced betta keepers?

At the moment the main feature of our premium membership is our video series on how to set up a betta tank.

For this reason, it's better suited to beginner betta keepers.

But even if you're an experienced betta keeper, signing up for membership will help us to continue growing the site and keep it ad-free.

Can't afford premium? Let us know.

We've priced membership at what we think is a fair price.

By charging money for this content, we can continue to grow the site and promote healthy betta keeping. But we do want to make this information accessible to everyone.

If you can't afford to sign up for membership, but want to learn about healthy betta keeping, get in touch here.

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